Objective: I am seeking speaking/teaching engagements, short/long term, one time or recurring

I am on a crusade for all five of my primary subject matter areas:

Advocacy – Wellness – Prepping – Politics – Security

I teach groups and individuals how to protect themselves, their family, church, school & business.

 I can get you your Concealed Carry License and/or get you certified as a security officer.

I teach over two dozen set classes and I am fluent in a number of different technical areas:

Karate, firearms, Stun Gun, Night Sticks, Pepper Spray, Survival, SWAT, active shooter, bodyguard

I told my dad, who is still alive by the way, that his generation will be the last one with real retirements. My goal is to have a “working retirement”. My intention is to be a traveling teacher, while home based out of Costa Rica, two hours from Miami. I currently teach most of my classes in Chicago (aka ChiRaq), but I am seeking speaking engagements, anywhere on the planet.

If you would help me by recommending me to people I would appreciate it. Thank you

Please contact me at:



605 North Michigan Ave, 4th floor, Chicago, IL 60611


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